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Volume 5 of our Fun & Fitness range is here. Using 25 years of experience and customer feedback, we've been working hard to produce our best-ever collection of songs.

16 great new songs that you'll be able to use with your children time after time - and year after year, confident that the programmes have been carefully and professionally written to develop the important physical skills that young children need.

SKCD35 Go For Gold £13.99

Go active! Everything you need for your Early Years Olympics project!

Packed with 24 songs and rhymes including:
Stand Up Sit Down, Ready Steady Go, The Circle Song and Music Music Music (done with sticks/lolly sticks - a very popular choice). Many songs encourage listening for instructions and the rhymes develop fine motor skills. Warm Up has received a 5 star review from Nursery Education Magazine.

SKCD18 Warm Up

Our all time, best-selling, classic fun and fitness title.

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21 action packed songs and rhymes for fun and fitness sessions. Songs include Can You Run As Fast As Me (very active), How Does A Butterfly Go (learn how mini beasts move) and The Bean Bag Song (develop manipulation skills with a bean bag or sock!)

SKCD19 Work Out

Volume 2 of the UK’s best loved music and movement resource for early years

16 songs for physical development, listening skills and developing the imagination. Includes Funky Monkey (a big favourite). Zooming To The Moon, Stir Up The Porridge and Old Macdonald (the animal action version).

SKCD19 Work Out

Volume 3 - loads more carefully planned songs to get children active while they have fun!

Molly Muddle and her friend Old MacDonald are in theatres and schools throughout the year with their hugely popular singalong shows for young children. See our Sticky Kids Live site for details….

Go For Gold Go For Gold Warm Up Warm Up Work Out Work Out Bend & Stretch Live Show Welcome!

If you’ve used Sticky Kids material, then you’ll know that it’s probably the only music and

16 songs for getting active and using your imagination. Songs include Wiggle and Jiggle, Let's Go Driving, Here Are My Knees, Mending The Road and The Cool Down Song (to use at the end of the session or at other times in the day!)

SKCD24 Wiggle and Jiggle

Volume 4 - a wiggleload more songs to get children active while they jiggle around!

Wiggle & Jiggle Wiggle & Jiggle Store

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movement resource that you’ll ever need. Not only are the songs tried and tested over 25 years, but they never go out of date - you’ll be able to use them year after year, with generations of children.

Our CDs form a comprehensive learning resource for early years and will help you achieve the goals for physical education set out by Early Years curriculum requirements, including the ABC of learning - A for Action, B for Balance and C for Co-ordination - as well as language skills, listening skills, days of the week and much more. Our Fun and Fitness CDs come with a companion booklet which explains clearly how each song can help your children exercise while they have fun. Let’s all Go For Gold together!

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